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(2) Retro - Volume Two

(2) Retro - Volume Two

SKU: 364215376135191

The newest CD from Linda and Tressamail Records is a follow up to her 2015 Retro - Volume One.  Like Volume One, it is filled with Broadway and Standards ( with a few forays ) style original songs composed by her long time musical collaborator, Frank Wildhorn.  The new CD also holds the surprise track TIME, composed by her son Jake Wildhorn.  In addition there are 3 cover songs, including a very original version of AMAZING GRACE in which Linda has multilayered her vocals.  This song closes the 17 track CD.


This is the kind of CD that fans have come to know and expect from Linda - filled with big powerhouse ballads, sweeping melodies, emotional songs sung in Linda’s signature style.

Retro - Volume Two - Track List

You’re All I Ever Wanted - Bonnie & Clyde

I will Never Be The One - Svengali

This World Will Remember Us - Bonnie & Clyde - Duet with Michael Lanning

Still Hurting - The Last Five Years

Sweet Song of Life - Tears of Heaven

Out of The Blue

Broken Vow

Slowly - duet with Will Lee

Every Beat of My Heart

The First Time I Saw Paris - Tears of Heaven

What Was  Good Enough For You - Bonnie & Clyde - Duet w Michael Lanning

Time - written by Jake Wildhorn

You Are My Home - original version - duet with Will Lee

If This Were A Gershwin Tune

My Song Was Just For You - Havana - duet with Michael Lanning


Amazing Grace

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